2017-18 Wildflower Sculpture Park Exhibits

Artist:           Kathy Bruce      www.kathybruceartist.com
Title:             Guzalme, Queen of Serendip   2017
Materials:  Bamboo, twine

Artist:            Peter Allen             www.peterallenart.com
Title:              Wave    2002
Materials:   Aluminum, steel

Artist:            John Parris
Title:             For Once then, Something    2017
Materials:    Mixed media

Artist:           Tricia Zimic         www.triciazimic.com
Title:             Crossing the Line   2011 (Canis rufus: From existence to extinction)
Materials:    Fiberglass, wood, wire, acrylic paint

Artist:           Kate Dodd         www.katedodd.com
Title:             Harder to Reflect   2017
Materials:    Mixed media