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2017 SMR Map

Folded 12”x18″ color, laser-printed, waterproof map of the SMR with clearly delineated and GPS-based trails and roads, highlighted areas, access points, facilities, and contour lines. North and south sections of the reservation are on different sides to allow greater detail.

2017 SMR Map

(Shipping $0.65)

Five SMR Map Bundle

(Shipping $3.00)

SMR Trail Guide with Map

Dave Hogenauer’s 60-page, detailed description of the 50-plus miles of trails in the South Mountain Reservation and recommended hikes.
The Trail Guide includes the 2017 SMR map and its narrow size fits in your pocket.

SMR Trail Guide 2017Show SMR Guide cover & table of contents

SMR Trail Guide

(Shipping $3.75)

Five SMR Trail Guide Bundle

(Shipping $4.50)

SMC Logo Decal
4”x6” peel-off paper decal with SMC logo

Single SMC Decal

(Shipping $0.65)

Five SMC Decal Pack

(Shipping $0.65)


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